Product NameRepair TypeExchange CostDiagnostic Fee Cost
iPhone 14Back Glass Replacement160001500
iPhone 14 PlusBack Glass Replacement190001500
iPhone 13 miniRear System325001500
iPhone 12 miniRear System325001500
iPhone 13 ProRear System455001500
iPhone 13 Pro MaxRear System550001500
iPhone 12 Pro MaxRear System550001500
iPhone 14 ProRear System560001500
iPhone 14 Pro MaxRear System635001500
iPhone 6sBattery Replacement55001500
iPhone 6s PlusBattery Replacement55001500
iPhone SE (3rd generation)Battery Replacement55001500
iPhone 7Battery Replacement55001500
iPhone 7 PlusBattery Replacement55001500
iPhone 8Battery Replacement55001500
iPhone 8 PlusBattery Replacement55001500
iPhone SE (2nd generation)Battery Replacement55001500
iPhone 13Camera - Rear160001500
iPhone 14Camera - Rear160001500
iPhone 14 PlusCamera - Rear160001500
iPhone 13 miniCamera - Rear160001500
iPhone 13 Pro MaxDisplay Replacement (Front)330001500
iPhone 13 Pro MaxCamera - Rear215001500
iPhone 12 miniCamera - Rear155001500
iPhone 12Camera - Rear155001500
iPhone 13 ProCamera - Rear215001500
iPhone 7Display Replacement (Front)140001500
iPhone 14Battery Replacement80001000
iPhone 14 PlusBattery Replacement80001000
iPhone 14 ProBattery Replacement80001000
iPhone 14 Pro MaxBattery Replacement80001000
iPhone 12 miniBattery Replacement65001000
iPhone 12 Pro MaxBattery Replacement65001000
iPhone 12Battery Replacement65001000
iPhone 12 ProBattery Replacement65001000
iPhone XBattery Replacement65001000
iPhone XRBattery Replacement65001000
iPhone XS MaxBattery Replacement65001000
iPhone XSBattery Replacement65001000
iPhone 11 ProBattery Replacement65001000
iPhone 11 Pro MaxBattery Replacement65001000
iPhone 11Battery Replacement65001000
iPhone 13 miniBattery Replacement65001000
iPhone 13Battery Replacement65001000
iPhone 13 ProBattery Replacement65001000
iPhone 13 Pro MaxBattery Replacement65001000
iPhone 14 ProCamera - Rear225001500
iPhone 14 Pro MaxCamera - Rear225001500
iPhone 12 Pro MaxCamera - Rear210001500
iPhone 12 ProCamera - Rear210001500
iPhone 12 miniDisplay Replacement (Front)230001500
iPhone 13 miniDisplay Replacement (Front)235001500
iPhone XDisplay Replacement (Front)252501500
iPhone XSDisplay Replacement (Front)252501500
iPhone 12Display Replacement (Front)270001500
iPhone 13Display Replacement (Front)270001500
iPhone 11 ProDisplay Replacement (Front)270001500
iPhone 12 ProDisplay Replacement (Front)275001500
iPhone 13 ProDisplay Replacement (Front)280001500
iPhone 14Display Replacement (Front)280001500
iPhone XS MaxDisplay Replacement (Front)305001500
iPhone 12 Pro MaxDisplay Replacement (Front)320001500
iPhone 11 Pro MaxDisplay Replacement (Front)320001500
iPhone 14 PlusDisplay Replacement (Front)330001500
iPhone 14 ProDisplay Replacement (Front)330001500
iPhone 14 Pro MaxDisplay Replacement (Front)395001500
iPhone 8 PlusDisplay Replacement (Front)155001500
iPhone XRDisplay Replacement (Front)180001500
iPhone 11Display Replacement (Front)185001500
iPhone 14 PlusDisplay and Back Glass Replacement495001500
iPhone 14Display and Back Glass Replacement422501500
iPhone 12Rear System345001500
iPhone 13Rear System350001500
iPhone 12 ProRear System435001500
iPhone 6sDisplay Replacement (Front)135001500
iPhone SE (3rd generation)Display Replacement (Front)135001500
iPhone SE (2nd generation)Display Replacement (Front)135001500
iPhone 6s PlusDisplay Replacement (Front)150001500
iPhone 7 PlusDisplay Replacement (Front)150001500
iPhone 8Display Replacement (Front)150001500